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What they said ?

  • I have been a professional singer and performer for nearly 8 years, playing 4 hour shows (at least) 3 nights a week with my band on the road.  I always thought that singing was something you either could or couldn’t do, not something that could be taught in lessons.  However, after performing far too many shows one week with my poor self-taught technique, I blew out my voice completely for nearly 2 weeks.  I finally broke down and decided to give lessons a chance, and was very lucky to find Chrissy.  After only one lesson, I saw a huge improvement in my range and tone, and discovered that I didn’t have to strain and hurt myself in order to get through a show.  I took lessons for only 6 months, and since then, I have had so many people come up and tell me that they have noticed a big difference in my voice.  So many of our fans say that they could tell that I used to have trouble belting out high notes, but that now I’m hitting MUCH higher ones with ease!   I am such a huge believer and supported of SLS, and Chrissy is a wonderful teacher to study under!

    Stephanie - Stephanie Eason Band

  • Chrissy is wonderful! Over the last year I have worked intensely with Chrissy on some specific areas of my voice. I wanted to be able to improve my transitions and Chrissy had the technical expertise that I was looking for. As a vocal coach she has the ability to challenge you and nurture you as only the best vocal coaches can. Whether it’s getting ready for the studio or performing live, I use Chrissy. She is invaluable!

    Anna Graceman - Professional Singer

  • I began studying under Chrissy with a lot of excitement and plenty of skepticism. I had been frustrated by vocal lessons in my past and I sort of assumed this would be no different. Chrissy’s encouraging attitude put me at ease right away. I could tell she knew what she was talking about, and I suddenly had hope that this SLS stuff could really help me with the specific areas of my voice I struggled with. By the middle of my second lesson, I found myself making sounds I didn’t know i could make, and all without straining or reaching at all. After 15 years of singing, Chrissy has helped me take it to the next level in terms of range, ease, and confidence.

    Scott - Singer/Performer

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